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  • Discussing Water Wizard 1.0 and 2.0 Tri Foam…. DID YOU KNOW! :) Jim Coleman Water Wizard 1.0 Jim Coleman Water Wizard 2.0 The Jim Coleman Water Wizard 1.0 uses 3 tri-foam pvc sticks…. The Jim Coleman Water Wizard 2.0 uses 1 tri-foam pvc sticks…. Greg had to explain this to me because I was not thinking at all! But it make common sense…. The tri-foam on the […]
  • Jim Coleman Water Wizard 1.0 and 2.0 Count Wheel The first picture (white motor) is from a Water Wizard 1. The second picture (black bag) is from a Water Wizard 2. I am not familiar with the WW 2.0 but it appears from the pictures that the 2.0 has 2 sensors where the WW 1.0 has 1 sensor…. For counting. Also just as a […]
  • WHAT! You have a changer? I had an older guy yesterday ask me for change. He said he “forgot to get change before he came to the car wash this time.” I said “No sorry…. I do not have change but you can get change from this device that can actually verify bills and give the correct change….. Every Time […]
  • I joke about the iphone but seriously how often do you restart it? My wife has an iPhone 7 plus and I recommended that she should restart it every night. But she thought I was kidding…. It just seems like a buggy os / phone? Also the battery life seems bad for a new phone. So does anyone have a restarting routine? I actually do not have one […]
  • I believe Dodge missed their chance? LOL :) So if you see a sticker on a Dodge in a junk yard which says “Remove before assembly” in three languages (English, German and Spanish)…. Does that mean someone dropped the ball here? LOL
  • Do you want to be a nerd? Do you want to look like a dork? I have the solution! :) I have purchase a “real” smartwatch before…. one that retailed for over $300.  Sure it was nice I guess?  But there are only a couple features you use after the first week. – Being waterproof – Notifications – Time – Weather (I like the weather…. but it is really worthless.) – Time between charges (> […]
  • YES this house scared the $%#* out of me! :) I really like this guy and his sons…. but he asked me if I was “too scared to go to his house without a ____ man.”  I was not sure why I should be scared though? They have shoot outs, sell drugs and rob people over by my car wash…. it should be safer at […]
  • I actually LOL when I read this email! :) Disclaimer…. Note I did not post the “service provider’s name”…. So I am not disclosing this place.  I also do not know if the claim from Rowe is correct or if it is ever relevant with today’s information?  I am just making no claims here at all.  Just very humorous opinions…. That I personally have […]
  • Father’s Day or Just a Tool Sale :) Amazon has a lot of their tools on sale for Father’s day if you are in need of something? Or you did not notice their ad? Up to 35% off Dewalt items! So I believe that mean 35% off retail…. I can never figure out if it is actually a really good deal?