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New Investor

2 replies created 7 months ago
posted by Sarah Snider 7 months ago

I'm looking for an individual that is about to invest in the car wash industry. I work for a marketing firm and am trying to better understand the decision making process and the path to purchase. If you'd be willing to talk to me throughout your journey, please let me know!


reply by Robert Roman 7 months ago

Marketing firms usually work with businesses to enhance their sales by providing targeted exposure to reach potential customers.

So, I don’t see what this has to do with investment decision or path to purchase unless you work for private equity firm looking for free information about carwash industry rather than someone looking to buy a carwash in middle of nowhere, Iowa.

What firm do you work for?

reply by Sarah Snider 7 months ago

I do not work for a PE firm. I work for an ad agency called Strategic America and by talking to "real" people, we are able to gain better consumer insights...which can lead to stronger marketing strategies for our client.

I'm looking to talk to anyone, in any part of the country - they do not need to be where I'm located.

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