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How Waterless Car Wash Chemical works ?

2 replies created 2 months ago
posted by KKEAUTOCARE 2 months ago

The reason probably you are here is may be you are wondering "What this Waterless Car Wash is?" . Waterless Car Wash though a new commercial concept, but it has been here since almost 20 years.

KKE Dry Wash liquid needs to sprayed on the car in segments and then wiped off using a clean Microfiber Towel. Use strokes in one direction only. For each stroke, a clean area of the microfiber should touch your car surface. Allow the liquid on car to dry if the dirt has been removed, else spray KKE Dry Wash again and wipe off. Once dried, use a dry micro fiber cloth to buff off and make your car shine.

For a moderately dirty car, you would require atleast about 4 - 6 towels.

Do not use household detergents to wash your Microfiber towels, they'll reduce the life of the towels and also the hard towels will scratch your paint surface. Use KKE Linen Clean which is a fabric softener and cleaner.


reply by Earl Weiss 2 months ago

Sounds like a recipe to grind abrasive dirt into the finish on anything other than a dusty car.

reply by Robert Roman 2 months ago

You explained how to clean with waterless not how it works.

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